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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

hey sam

When I changed Clara's diaper this morning I found a tiny band aid on her tiny thigh with a tiny speck of dried red blood, left over from a tiny needle prick at the doctor's office. And I thought to myself, hey sam.
There is something so tender about your blood. About your breath. About the lashes that guard your eyes.
We came together on purpose and we decided to participate in the greatest 'together' of them all, the most creative outlet we could find for the way we feel about each other's eye lashes.
And now our blood, swirled and travelled and released, lives forever dancing in her veins. Drying to her bandaids. Pulsing that delightful heartbeat, the one I recorded on my phone so many months ago, the one we feel against our lips when we kiss that sweet soft neck.

It's not always easy sharing a life.
Sharing a house.
Sharing a bed.
But when I feel our daughter curve around me while she dreams, the warmth of your blood and my blood under her skin...
I think, hey sam.

I really really love you.

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