A daily...meh, weekly dose of babies, reality, and love.
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Hi, hello. I'm Jessie Horney, and I am a new mom, and I like to write little essays and scenes about life with my kids and my husband. And sometimes about deep stuff too. I am married to Sam Horney. My daughter is Clara, who we also call Smoochie, for reasons I have now forgotten. My son is (also) Sam, and we do not know what to call him. Sometimes he goes by Cinco because his name is Samuel Iradell Horney V. Mostly he goes by brother.

Things I take seriously:
my faith
writing projects
joke delivery
what my kids wear (so so shallow)
how my hair looks (even more shallow)
being an encourager

Things I do not take seriously:
the blogging world (it's a weird place)
what my kids eat
being on time (ugh, is there any worse habit than to be perpetually late? I hate this about myself.)

Happy reading, Horney friends!


baby Sam guy

our love sends forth light, obviously.  
Bubble Guppies. The worst. 

grocery store selfie, a classic. 

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