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Thursday, April 4, 2013

it's not easy to get a baby.

I've been trying for months and months to write Clara's birth story, but for one of the first millionth time in my life, I just can't make my words do what I need them to do. It's all so... inadequate. Utterly.

We had an assignment due this week in my non-fiction class to write a photo essay. I went ahead and got super out of control with this particular "essay", and created this piece de resistance. I actually have a longer version of Clara's birth pictures and video, edited and put to music, but it is much too personal for the world wide web (says the girl with a blog). So this is what I have for you instead, my dear Horney friends.

By the way, the essay started with this post and expanded. I knew this blog would be useful one day.

OK. Love you guys, and may your day be filled with superfluous slideshows and good friends :)

NOTE: All photographs taken by Valerie Davenport Photography. This dear woman showed up with a few hours notice and her camera, and gave us the greatest (I say that in its fullest sense) gift that we could ever receive- she captured the birth of our first baby with beauty and depth and grace. You are a gift to the world, Valerie Davenport.

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  1. Overwhelmingly beautiful. Babies are really(too) hard to get.