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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

since you can't spank a newborn

I remember when a late night used to consist of friends, and laughter, and probably a few (ha!) drinks. Today, I woke up exhausted, with this tiny face right next to mine in bed.

Oh, except it looked more like this- 

And the only drinks involved in our up-all-night-extravaganza came straight from me (or the 'teat', as Sam so eloquently refers to me when asking Clara if she's hungry). So when we woke up in a tired stupor this morning, cranky and over it, I decided it was a bath morning. 
Well, a bath for baby, coffee for mommy. And guess what? It worked. 

Yes, yes, this is what Sam Horney gets to wake up to every morning. Disgusting bangs and all.
 Lucky man, you say? Couldn't agree more. 

Hope your day looks more like a bath morning, and less like a dark and tired night. 
Happy Wednesday :) 

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